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monstrance: A standing vessel placed on the altar of some Catholic and some Anglican churches in which the consecrated bread or Host (the Body of Christ) is shown or exposed to the multitude for veneration. "Monstrance" is from the Latin word, "monstrare", meaning "to show". It's related to other words like "demonstrate".

A Monstrance of Celestial Portion is a horrifying artifact developed by the Yozis and given to the Neverborn to corrupt Solar Essences and turn them into Abyssal Exalted. The Monstrance is a large cage of jade covered with obscene and disturbing runes, it is mystical linked to a single Spark of Exaltation and maintains the corruption. Monstrances are integral to the corruption ceremony - a Solar Exalted who changes to an Abyssal begins the ceremony by entering his new Monstrance; in addition, the monstrance is used as a link to the Deathknight associated with it, it can be used for necromancers and sorcerers to target her no matter where she is. Destroying the Monstrance frees the Deathknight and her exaltation from her Deathlord. If an Abyssal spark of Exaltation is freed, it will naturally seek hosts like a normal celestial exaltation. With this knowledge, Renegade Deathknights often try to destroy or steal their Monstrance. As a result, Deathlords keep monstrances locked away from their rivals and their Deathknights.

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