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Monsters of Luclin is a sourcebook for the EverQuest RPG adapted to d20 rules.


It's Your Moon Now!
After generations of failed attempts, the means to reach the mysterious Moon of Luclin is once again at hand. But beware — there are dangers beyond reckoning on Luclin, those created by the Maiden of Shadows herself as well as those that have made the moon their home-in-exile after escaping from Norrath. These are the enemies you must defeat if you wish to claim the awesome artifacts of Luclin as your own.
100% compatible with 3.5 edition fantasy role-playing rules
Adventures on Luclin are suited to characters of all levels, and the monsters and villains contained herein reflect this fact. From the lowly needleclawed rock hopper and shik’nar hatchling to the thought horror Overfiend and the rulers of the remnants of both the Akheva and shissar races, this volume presents a wide-range of foes suitable for use with 3rd edition and revised 3rd edition fantasy role-playing rules.


Appendix One: Templates

Appendix Two: Luclin Villains

Appendix Three: Ancient Spells

Appendix Four: Dictionary

Appendix Five: Monster CRs

Appendix Six: Monster Habitats

Appendix Seven: OGL

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