Monster is the name given to Animate Chimera that do not fit one of the other categories of Chimerical creatures known to the Fae.

Overview Edit

For mortals, the creatures of horror films may be shrieked at and then forgotten. Changelings aren't as fortunate. Chimerical monsters do not only exist but can seriously harm the Kithain. These monsters can even interact with the Autumn World if no mortals are present, so putting a real-world door between you and the creature won't work. Like chimerical weapons, the teeth and claws of chimerical monsters can harm the fae; rending and tearing the fae self while destroying even the memory of the fae self. Though this isn't as horrible as death in a dragon's jaws that destroys fae and mortal seeming, losing yourself is painful and, while that memory can return with time and Glamour, some changelings never remember and their faerie soul is cast back into the wheel of time to be reborn.

Some monstrous chimera take the forms of classical beasts of fantasy like dragons and griffins. Other shapes are goblin-like, feral creatures, or shapes that never existed beyond the human mind. They can be created by changelings or from the subconscious of humanity as a whole. Some are gigantic, fearsome, and old and claim they are the remnants of real creatures forgotten in earth's past or claim they were created by the sidhe for their knights to fight and keep the commoners in line.

Types of Monsters Edit

References Edit

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