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Monkeywrench! Pentex is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mind's Eye Theatre. Unlike many of the typical game books, this is not so much as a game guide as a collection of artifacts, tools, and memos about the evil Pentex corporation that Storytellers can use in their campaigns.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Dirty Money
Pentex is the vilest corporation on the planet – and the most powerful tentacle of the Wyrm. Through its various subsidiary companies, Pentex attempts to taint the world by destroying the environment and brainwashing humankind. What Garou can stop this pervasive onslaught?
Dirty Work
The Monkeywrenchers can! These savvy and clever Garou hit Pentex from the inside – by hacking into its computers and infiltrating its puppet companies. Monkeywrenchers hit Pentex in the least expected ways, and they hit hard! Crashing computers, practical jokes, eco-guerrilla raids – whatever it takes to bring Pentex to its knees.
Monkeywrench! Pentex includes:
  • Dozens of player handouts.
  • Details on PANACEA, a Pentex company ripe for Monkeywrenching.
  • Pentex propaganda brochures and comic book.


Storyteller Information

A summary of the book, the story behind each artifact, and suggestions for using it in a chronicle.


  • Abbot's Letter
  • The Werehacker Files
  • Post-it Note
  • While You Were Out
  • International Pharmaballistics
  • Newspaper Clipping
  • Pentex Employee Dossiers
  • Persephone's Letter
  • Hines' Letter
  • Security Memo #A 2112-93
  • Buck Racer Comic
  • Transcript of Hardigan Interview
  • Stillson Memos
  • Pentex Executive Bulletin
  • Satellite Photos
  • Doggy Diner Placemat
  • PANACEA Blueprints
  • Endron Brochure

Background Info

Three of the entries in this book were the creations of winners of the Pentex Board of Directors contest held at Gen Con '93: Francesco, Enzo Giovanni and Kathryn Mollett.

A photo of a Garou cosplay costume from Gen Con '93 is used in the book for Shadow Walker.

This book was reprinted in Werewolf Chronicles Volume 2.

Memorable Quotes

"If only those darned environmentalists would just lay off!"
—Buck Racer



Black Dog Game Factory (Pentex), Buck Racer, Endron International, Fomori, Magadon, Incorporated, Monkeywrenchers, Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Pentex, Tellus Enterprises

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