The Monasterio di San Michele is the headquarters of the Society of Leopold and lies in Rome.


This monastery is the heart, brain and soul of the modern inquisitors and one of the most ancient Cenacula in the world, as well as the shrine for Leopold of Murnau himself. The whole complex is Holy Ground due to the power of True Faith that the Inquisitors train. San Michele lies in proximity to the Vatican, guarded by high walls, modern security services and a battalion of Condotierri. In the center lies a small garden.


There are three main buildings within the wall

  • The Aedificium, the seat of the Inquisitor-General, hosts the Library of the society, which contains many ancient texts (some kindred even speculate that a copy of the Book of Nod can be found within) and scriptures from the time of the Michaelites, as well as the Reliquarium, where the most holy of the relics of the Society are safeguarded.
  • The Basilica houses the remains of the founder of the society as well as the remnants of every inquisitor who has fallen in battle against the unholy.
  • The cloisters house the regular inquisitors who train and study in San Michele.


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