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Momma Treebender, originally known as Monica Treesapling, is a legendary Bastet entrepreneur, of the Qualmi tribe.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Momma Treebender is big. Really big. Not just big for a Qualmi, but big in general. Big voice, big heart, big body, big temper. A heavy-faced veteran of the “Trail of Broken Treaties” in 1972, this Chippewa woman eventually discovered a way to reclaim the land around her ancestral home: She bought it.

Originally known as Monica Treesapling, Momma soon grew strong enough to double her namesake in half with one pull — hence, her new name, Treebender. A group of friends (who may or may not have been wizards) helped Momma Treebender “discover” a rich vein of gold on her family’s lands. With shrewd investments (aided, no doubt, by Qualmi wisdom and supported by a few people who knew how to manipulate the stock market), Momma created Treebender’s Lodge, a chain of high-quality taverns specializing in good beer, good music and Native American cuisine. In less than 10 years, Treebender’s become a popular fixture of the northern U.S. and southern Canada, and Momma became a millionaire. Her millions bought dozens, then hundreds of acres of prime land across the upper states.

Using the white man’s laws, Momma has had those lands declared “hands off” to everyone except her friends — Native Americans, conservationists, and like-minded folk who want to settle down to more traditional lifestyles, without the intrusions of modern industrial living.

Physically, Momma Treebender is huge and strong: over 300 pounds of fat and muscle standing over six feet tall. Fortunately, she often smiles — her anger is not a pretty thing to see. Although she has a selection of “modern” business suits for meetings, Momma favors more traditional dresses of buckskin and patterned cotton, leggings, and braids. Her throat is always covered in scarves and necklaces — she feels it’s unlucky to expose her neck to evil spirits after an encounter with what may have been vampire assassins. Her black hair is long and thick, and her small gray eyes look out from a round and generous face. Her cat-forms are equally large — twice the size of the average Qualmi — and shift from black with gray markings to white with brown stripes, depending on the season and her mood.

Momma often tours between her taverns, which are quite popular with the Garou and Dreamspeaker mages. Although many of her more… interesting… clients recognize that Momma is not what she appears to be, few of them know her Bastet heritage. However, more than one would come to her side if she called for aid.

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