The shifter can stretch and shape his body to extend his reach or to fit into narrow spaces. Norca use this effect to cross chasms or scale walls without need of climbing gear; they simply stretch themselves far enough to reach handholds. Psions have been known to flatten themselves to only a Few centimeters’ thickness to slither through narrow spaces.

System: Spend one Psi point and roll Psi. Each success equals a meter beyond normal length that your character may stretch his arms or legs (or his neck or tom). Your character’s Strength and Dexterity aren’t modified by this effect. However, the Storyteller may apply difficulties to Strength- and/or Dexterity-based rolls due to reduced leverage as your character’s body stretches cut of shape and biomass is distributed to compensate. Alternately, the point expenditure and Psi roll enable your character to flatten his body to a uniform 5 cm thickness. In this form, your character can slither or undulate at no faster than walking speed, but can slip through narrow openings, roll into a ball or perform other visually disturbing but useful maneuvers.

Molding takes one turn to complete and lasts for a number of minutes equal to your character’s Psi score. Further adjusting the length that a limb is stretched requires another successful Psi roll. Your character may revert to his original form at will (unless the duration of this power is exceeded, in which case he reverts automatically). At 3 TransmogriFy, your character may stretch multiple limbs at once, and Molding lasts 10 minutes For each dot of permanent Psi he has. At 4 Transmogrify, Molding changes last indefinitely, adjusting to your character‘s desires on successful Psi rolls (reverting to original form ends the effect).

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