Mokur was a sage among the Salubri, one of the walkers of the road of Golconda and the last of the ancient Salubri to be diablerized by the Tremere clan.


Ah, dear Mokur! What a delight it is to see you still have your life...for now. Shall we start?
  —  Etrius

He was originally a simple potter of the Jōmon people and Embraced during Saulot's wanderings in the Middle Kingdom. Mokur soon proved himself to be one of Saulot's most eager disciples, with a clear mind and a quickness of perception, shunning the over-complications of life and unlife alike.

He and Cretheus ("Cret") created what would become the foundations of the future Inconnu, with Mokur as the main teacher and Cret as the chronicler. Later, the Setite known as Pentweret joined them and Mokur accepted him as his pupil, despite his different approach to Golconda from Cret.

Originally staying in Tuscany in Italy, he later relocated to Hunedoara Castle in Transylvania. Eventually he wandered away, driven by a strange call that he could not comprehend. Taken captive by the Tremere, he simply asked them to take him to his father. When he was brought before Etrius in Ceoris, his captor realized the chance to diablerize the last elder of Clan Salubri.

When he drank Mokur's heartblood he realized, however, that this was happening according to Mokur's wishes and that the scene mirrored that of Saulot and Tremere to an astonishing degree.


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