Mokolé is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse concerning the ancient were-lizards called Mokolé. It is the sixth of the breedbook series, focusing on various Fera.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Enter the Dragon
To those who have heard the legends, they require no introduction. They are the greatest of Gaia's shifting children. They are the ones who remember the days of the dinosaurs and draw upon the power of the Age of Reptiles. None can equal their wisdom when they are calm, and none can stand before them when they are angry. They are the Children of Dragon. The crocodile-shifters. The Mokolé.

The Children of Sun Rise Again
You've demanded it. Now it's here. Mokolé details the werecrocodilians of the World of Darkness, and reveals information never before seen about Dragon's children. Find out just how powerful their war-forms are, or delve into their racial memory to learn secrets of the Changing Breed. If you want to introduce a Mokole into your game, this is your book.

Sunrise: Dragons in our MidstEdit

An introduction to the Dragon Breed. Goes into basic detail of who and what the Mokolé are, giving a simp,e summary of their society, streams, and priorities.

Morning: WasEdit

The tale of history as Gaia's Memory remembers it, told by Morwangu and Jeffo. Covers the history of the World of Darkness from before recorded history to the modern day.

Noonday: UsEdit

An explanation of the four streams of Mokolé society; the Gumagan, Makara, Zhong Lung, and Mokolé-mbembe. Contains general Mokolé stereotypes of the Garou Tribes, other Changing Breeds, and residents of the Workd of Darkness.

Afternoon: Dragon MakingEdit

Character creation, with Mokolé-specific Merits, Flaws, Fetishes, and Totems, as well as information on Auspices, Breeds, and Forms.

Evening: Dragon's EyeEdit

Dragon magic; the Rites and Gifts of the werelizards.

Sunset: Dragon LoreEdit

Storytelling notes and elaborations on Mokolé-specific affairs.

Night: LizardskinEdit

Roleplaying notes and Mokolé of interest.

Background InformationEdit

A young Glass Walker named Peter is overcome with Mnesis, leading two Gumagan, along with an ancient named Wolaru, to tutor him on the ways of the Mokolé. In the meantime, a pack of Red Talons stumbles on a Wallow and mistakes it for Wyrm-taint.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Giving the Memory to another, it's like pouring tea through a strainer."
- Morwangu, trying to explain the feeling of Mnesis to another.



Age of Sleep, Ambalasokei, Archid, Bandaiyan, Bata'a, Bête, Bigs, Blood-devil, Buaya, Callsinger, Champsa, Clutch, Damned, Designer, Devisor, Dream Hunters, Pratigata, Smrtihara


The description of the Lizard Kings in Mokolé contains several homages to novels about dinosaur and lizard civilizations, and some of the lexicon are taken from these books. The Dinosaur King focus on biotechnology, and the names yilanè, Entoban, Ambalasokei, Gendasi, and Alpèasak are from the Eden trilogy by Harry Harrison. The name heesh comes from Dinosaur Nexus by Lee Grimes, and whileelin is from Toolmaker Koan by John McLoughlin. The name quintaglio and the character Sal-Afsan the Farseer were taken from Far-Seer, the first book of the Quintaglio Ascension trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer. However, Bandaiyan and Ulungan (more usually Ulangun) are real-world names. In turn, the Dragon Kings in Exalted are strongly based on the Lizard Kings.


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