Mokolé-mbembe are the African and American Streams of the Mokolé, the stream of earth.


The Mokolé-mbembe have traditionally stalked the swamps and waterways of two continents. The Stream of the Fighters are by far the largest of the four streams, and as the current End Times approach, their numbers are steadily growing. The African ones are allied with the Ahadi.


Mokolé-mbembe Varnas include:

  • Champsa: Nile crocodiles
  • Halpatee: American alligators
  • Piasa: American crocodiles
  • Syrta: Caimans
  • Unktehi: Gila monsters and Mexican beaded lizards, the smallest of all the Mokolé


Mokolé-Mbembe was the Ancestral Dinosaur King of the Congo Jungle. The Mokolé-mbembe, by extension, are Mokolé-Mbembe's children, a stream of warriors that have populated Africa and the New World.


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