Much like Aonides, Moiræ feel most complete with a Dreamer to attend.


Originally known as Oracles and viewed as dispensaries of knowledge and sources of guidance for mortals, moiræ enjoyed sharing their prophecies and watching as those they advised reacted. In time, Oracles fell out of the collective dreams of mortals, but their obsession with Fate remained as strong as ever. Human desire to know what other paths lay before or behind them called out to the moiræ, along with urges of retribution and revenge. Drawn to particular Dreamers, they latch onto one with aspirations and lofty goals, defending her fiercely from any and all threats and offering advice and guidance on which paths to take and which to avoid.


Along with their Ariá are the aspects, grown from association with the Norns. When creating a moiræ character, the Storyteller should assign one of the physical representations (maid, mother, and crone) to each of their Ariá, similar to the assigning of Legacies.

  • Dioniae (Erinyes): Dioniae moiræ represent the furies of old and are beings bent on retribution and vengeance. They appear with burning eyes, sharp fangs, and may even have horns. Intelligent beings will either stay out of this moiræ’s way or simply give her whatever she wants.
  • Araminae (Whimsy): Representations of paths unknown or hidden desires, these moiræ are focused on the impulses and dreams of mortals and are surrounded by nebulous, dancing lights. They happily act as guides, steering their charges toward paths they deem interesting.
  • Apolliae (Oracle): The original face of the moiræ, Oracles typically appear veiled or blindfolded, in white robes. At their most benevolent in this mindset, these moiræ bring luck and good fortune to those they visit.


  • Affinity: Actor or Fae
  • Aural Perception: Surrounding individuals are glimpses of their Fate; by spending a point of Glamour a moiræ can divine useful bits from these images. She does, however, take a –3 penalty if she attempts to divine her own fate. To enact this, the Storyteller rolls Glamour (difficulty 8), and divines one clue per success (whether she passes that along to the subject is up to her). Moiræ also add an additional die to their pool when using any Soothsay cantrip.
  • Fata: Moiræ are protected from harm while traveling the Silver Path. The Dreaming directly punishes any attempts to harry or interfere with these Denizens in their travels. The severity of the punishment is in proportion to the crime; deterring a moiræ who is in service to the Norns may garner a minor curse, while capturing or killing her results in something direr.


  • Superstition: Moiræ are especially susceptible to human superstition and must avoid “bad luck” or be cursed with Nightmares. This includes everything from the smallest coincidences (crossing paths with a black cat) to deliberate actions (willfully breaking a mirror); the curse will persist until she has somehow atoned for or reversed the bad luck. Violations of a Geas, Ban, or oath incur an extra die of intensity in their penalty. Moiræ forced to in any way violate any of these stipulations find it only half as difficult to repent, and the one who forced her can be cursed as with the Fata Endowment.


Changeling: The Dreaming Adhene

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