Mohara was an Ethiopian spearmaster who acted as the Caliph for the Assamites in ancient times.


During Mohara's time as Caliph, other Kindred discovered the value of the warrior caste as assassins and began to hire them, a practice that Mohara himself reviled. When his own childer were hired by a particular distrusted Lasombra, in disgust, he allegedly said:

If you must sell yourselves so cheaply, the least you can do is send me a portion of the gold you will earn, that I may be compensated in some small measure for the curse of undeath that you whore for no good cause.

Mohara's childer took his sarcasm at face value and sent him a fifth of their earnings every year. Other warriors, seeing the Caliph's own progeny doing this, began to curry favor with their own sires and superiors by tithing in a similar manner. This marked the beginning of tithing a fifth of the earnings of an assassination to one's elders.


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