Moe'uhane is the sole remaining Menehune village, found on the island of Kaua'i in Hawai'i.

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Moe'uhane, the village of Dream, rests at the foot of Mount Wai'ale'ale, past Alaka'i’s wetlands, which act as a guard against wandering hikers. Menehune sentries hide in the swamp, calling on their friends, the fog, trees, and waters to turn hikers away through misdirection. If any get past the swamps, the Menehune will follow them to ensure they don’t get too close to the hidden village. If nothing else works, the will approach the hikers dressed as park rangers or traditional natives and ask the hikers to leave, giving as an excuse excessive flooding form the mountain.

The village itself is near to a lagoon, a beautiful, still grotto fed by a tumbling waterfall. Also nearby are the fields of taro, a purple, potato-shaped plant that the Menehune tend as their main food source and form which they make poi, a mushy, nutritious staple. The Menehune used to grow massive, magical crops near the famous Menehune Ditch, but they have forsaken their old site due to tourism and the Banality that comes with the visitors.

The village is an old-style Hawai’ian homestead, with grass huts and traditional he'iau, guarded by carved idols meant to scare away evil spirits (they do). The Menehune gather flowers from the nearby parks and return to the village to make beautiful leis, which they wear for their lu'aus and other spiritual ceremonies.

On very rare occasions, the Menehune will bring a human to the village to participate in ceremonies with them. This is always a native Hawai’ian who is aware of the traditional ways, usually a musician or crafter. This human is enchanted and bedazzled and rarely remembers the full details of their trip to fairyland. They usually wake up the next morning on a beach. Regardless of how they search for their lost fairyland, they are rarely allowed to find it again. However, their joyful night instills in them a newfound respect for traditional ways and inspires their art more, providing much Glamour for the Menehune in the audience at their next show.

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