Modernist is a political Impulse of the Sidhe.

Overview[edit | edit source]


Modernists are rare among the sidhe nobility. Modernists either cautiously accept the modem world as a reality that must be dealt with or embrace it totally. Given the sidhe's vulnerability to Banality, this later course is quite dangerous. House Scathach is a predominantly Modernist House. Many sidhe childlings also show Modernist tendencies, much to their elders' chagrin. Countess Anne is a prime example of a Modernist sidhe.

In the Shadow Court[edit | edit source]


Though Unseelie, these Modernists have no problem with sharing a name with a Seelie political impulse, for their views are somewhat similar. Often confused with the Repudiators, Unseelie Modernists believe the class distinction between commoners and nobles is ludicrous. They acknowledge that the world is not the same anymore, and that no one (not even the oh-so-genteel sidhe) can cram a 14th-century government into the modern world and make it work. Nor can changelings go back to the old ways; therefore, the only thing to do is to make up new ones. If changelings throw off their outmoded ideas and learn to live fully in the modern world, Banality and all, they may be able to prevent the Endless Winter or ride through it with very little damage.

Modernists believe that the reason the Endless Winter is creeping up on the fae is to shake them out of their old ways and force them into the vanguard of a new era where they belong. Fae are supposed to be bright new dreams, not the outmoded, discarded ideas from yesterday. These changelings are the most likely to court knowledge of Banality in order to survive its effects as the world becomes ever more inhospitable to the fae. They seek knowledge of the modern world and alliances within it, both with mortals and supernaturals. They harvest Glamour, but are more experimental with it than other changelings, and they see that the old Seelie rulership has got to go if modern ideas are to be given serious consideration. There are far more commoners than nobles among the Unseelie Modernists.

References[edit | edit source]

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