Moderate is a political "Impulse" of the Commoner Kith.

Overview Edit

Moderates are commoner Polyannas; they try to see the good on all sides of the political debate. Like Conservatives, they believe duty and the hard work of the individual are important. They also realize, however, that the late 20th century is vastly different from the 12th century. Most of them believe that the fae version of feudalism works very well, except that not only the sidhe but deserving commoners should also be allowed to sit at the top of the pack. There are wise trolls and stupid sidhe but guess who is the king and who is the servant. Moderates want to enact reforms and changes to the Kithain status quo rationally and precisely. They feel that gradual changes which are pleasing to most people will last longer and have a better chance of maintaining the peace. Right now, Moderates are the larger minority among commoners; about 35% of the total population.

References Edit

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