The Mockery Breeds are the result of a Special Projects Division of Pentex named Project Lycaon to create wyrm-aligned Changing Breeds.


The Mockery Breeds, due to not being created by Gaia, experience several drawbacks compared to their natural counterparts.

First, they have a limited breeding stock - in contrast to other Fera, nearly all Mockeries are only able to reproduce with one of their breed aspects (either Homid or the corresponding animal) and are unable to assume the opposed breed form (although mating between two Mockeries of the same breed can result in Metis). It is this defining lack that marks them as incomplete.

Additionally, they are not part of the archaic pact between the spirit world and the Changing Breeds, meaning that they are usually barred from learning Gifts. Even Banes tend to disregard them as the artificial beings they are. Some Mockeries make up of this with Fomori-like powers.

Finally, all Mockeries give off a distinct taint of the Wyrm that marks them as targets for any Gaian shapeshifter, even if they do not understand what they face (most Mockeries are mistaken for Fomori).


The history of the Mockery Breeds begins with Neuro-Dynamic Laboratories, a Pentex owned laboratory operating under Project Iliad that stole research from Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated, a company dedicated to deciphering and 'correcting' the shapechanger gene. NDL's goal was the creation of Fera loyal to Pentex, to have combat forces against the Garou while avoiding dependence on the not always reliable Black Spiral Dancers.

While none of the creations exhibited the ability to access more than two or three forms, it was enough to receive the funding to begin their own project in the wake of the re-elections of the Board of Directors. Frederick Appleton now leads Project Lycaon, watching as each creation becomes more and more successful.

Known MockeriesEdit

  • War Wolves, the first Mockery Breed to be designed. They were created primary to hound Garou (Gaian as well as over-ambitious Black Spiral Dancers).
  • Anurana, a failed attempt to form naval support. They are no longer created, but a sizable population has escaped into the wilderness.
  • Samsa, a failed attempt to mimic the Crawlerling form of the Ananasi to create superior assassins. They are no longer created, but a population is still held captive in Pentex laboratories.
  • Kerasi, a successful project to gain holdings in the African wilderness. Many Kerasi have been released into the wilds to build their numbers naturally.
  • Yeren, the most promising project that produces the perfect assets for Pentex to take control of the urban environment. The Yeren build their numbers via a ritual similar to the Corax and their numbers have proven stable and even growing.


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