Mnemach was the matriarch of the Nosferatu Warren of Paris during the Dark Ages.

She was part of the Parisii breed, which left her skin translucent and all veins, nerves and muscles visible to the naked eye. As such, her appearance could be even considered sensual or even beautiful, especially by Nosferatu standards. In court, she usually used long cloaks and bone masks to hide her features.


Dame Mnemach was born during the rebellion of Vercingetorix and forced to watch as her city was burned to deny its use to the Romans. As an adult, she became a pagan priest and was later turned into a Nosferatu. She is rumored to have dwelt on Île de la Cité since the time of the Celts and during the Roman expansion of the city into Lutetia, making her one of the oldest vampires active in the city. As she was part of the Low Clans, however, the following Toreador and Ventrue gave little heed to her claims when they formed the Grand Court within her domain. Mnemach never had fondness for the pompous Courts of Love and their bearing, but was too powerful and old to be ignored. Prince Alexander made the necessary gestures to smooth their relations over and accepted Mnemach as part of his Court. While she would rarely made an appearence, she did often enough to discharge her duties.

Mnemach developed a rivalry with the Ventrue Saviarre d’Auvergne, her sister from mortal days, and her Lasombra counselor de Navarre following her ascendancy after Lorraine la Belle’s “demise”. To this end, she made an alliance with the Brujah Veronique in order to remove her from Alexanders Court in 1222. She exhibited thaumaturgical knowledge when she created candles for the Brujah to block any supernatural attempts of scrying her movements. Her agents later aided Geoffrey du Temple during his ousting of Alexander by saving his ally, the Tremere Goratrix, and Mnemach later aided the insurrection by binding Alexander with a phantom of his former consort Lorraine. In exchange, she received the torpid body of Saviarre.

Her future fate is not recorded.


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