Mitanu, the Clever Rogue, is known in Garou astrology as the Planetary Incarna of Mercury. He is both a trickster and a lover of comedy.


Overview Edit

Garou born under the Third Lunar month are blessed by Mitanu with flexibility and sharp wit. He serves as a totem to those who prove versatile, able to think on their feet, and have a sense of humor. To him, adaptability is strength, though he has a penchant for being greedy.

His colors are pale brown and gray, and represents the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Other Names: Hermes (Black Furies), Ogma (Fianna), Mercury (Glass Walkers), Hermod (Get of Fenris), Belobog (Shadow Lords), Min (Silent Striders), Eshu (Uktena), Ockabewis (Wendigo), Jurima.

As TotemEdit

Mitanu, like most other planetary Incarnae, isn't above acting as patron to a pack. However, he doesn't act as totem to any pack without a Bone Gnawers, Ragabash, or someone born under his sign - such a pack is obviously a humorless lot.

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 7


Mitanu's children are masters of improvisation. They gain three dice to both Subterfuge and Streetwise rolls, and learn the Gift: Blur of the Milky Eye. What's more, any Ragabash Gift costs one less experience point to learn for one of Mitanu's chosen.


Mitanu expects his children to fend for themselves by finding appropriate tools for any task as they go along. He disapproves of over-reliance on any one item, and forbids his packs to carry any particular fetish or weapon for more than a month. Talens are exempt from this rule.


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