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According to the Firstborn, the Mists of Creation are the raw stuff of existence, from which all things, be they spiritual or mundane, came. The fae believe that they were the first self-aware creatures to be able to shape and control the power of the Mists.The fae use much as a human would use “the Divine,” except that the fae don’t ascribe any sort of drive or self-awareness to the Mists. The Fae recognize, somewhat sadly, that once something is formed from the Mists it can never be un-formed (else surely the fae would have broken the world down into its magical components and started all over again), but it can be changed with relative ease, building one of the principals of Fae magic.

The Mists are chaotic and unpredictable; simply exposing a material object or being to the Mists might have any result: changing its shape, destroying it or leaving it completely unaffected. Speculating on such effects is generally academic anyway, as no pockets of pure Mists remain available to the fae (at least, none that are commonly known). The fae have a great deal of reverence for the Mists, but understand that although the Mists and the physical world remain separate, it is still possible to recede into the Mists, vanishing entirely. Some fae covet such a fate, stating that the only fae left on Earth mucking about with humans are the ones too stupid to figure out how to leave. These cynics aside, however, the fae have no reason to believe that any fae who fades away entirely remains “alive” (or even sentient).

Since the Shattering, the Mists have been diluted and saturated with Banality and have transformed into a corrupted form.


The concept of the Mists as form- and shapeless entity of primordial Chaos bears some resemblance to the Wyld