Mistress Fanchon is one of the Founders of the Camarilla.


A master manipulator, Fanchon understands speech and its uses far better than any of the other Founders, the blustering fool Hardestadt included. Strong willed and thaumaturgically talented, she seeks to disarm opponents by confusing them, commanding verbal trickery and a rapier wit. She prefers to be in control during any situation. She proposed that the unruly Anarchs be blood bound both to their immediate sires and Clan Tremere as the price of their re-admission to Cainite society, so that she and her clanmates may keep a close eye on them.

Around the 17th century, Fanchon became obsessed with the Sargon Fragment, an obscure text promising Apotheosis that the powerful necromancer Ambrogino Giovanni was searched for. She is one of the few occultists to have relearned Chaldean, the long extinct language of the Fragment.[1]


Mistress Fanchon is an attractive, mature woman with a fair complexion and ice-green eyes. She wears a robe of simple black, and her long, dark hair is plaited.

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