The Mississippi Pearl is a Paddlewheel Showboat and floating Freehold on the Mississippi River.

Overview Edit

This old paddleboat was almost finished, along with its Nocker caretaker who had been alone so long he was ready to give up on life. Then a young Eshu showed up and drank in its dreams, seeing it for what it could be, and bringing it back to Glamourous life.

The Freehold Edit

This refurbished showboat holds within it one of the few moveable freeholds in the world. A central cabin, flanked by two others, holds within it a small balefire. The three cabins and the walkway between them are the whole of the freehold. Neither of its two caretakers, the Nocker Quillan and the Eshu Pearl, understand the workings of their chimerical cabins; only accepting their good luck and thanking whoever created it.

The central cabin is a large living area similar to a lobby and game room. Comfortable seating is interspersed with card tables, a billiards table, and a reading area. A small stage occupies one corner as well. The other two cabins are sumptuously decorated bedrooms with large four-poster beds draped in velvet. The whole area resembles the master cabin of a well-to-do riverboat gambler or captain from the age of paddlewheels. All the rooms have small port-holes that let you see the river.

Only Kithain see the hallway leading to the freehold. Others passing through see an ornate, full-length mirror in a scrolled gold frame hung at the end of the passageway. Pearl believes the freehold remains in existence due to the romantic Glamour inspired by the old paddle wheelers.

The Rest of the Boat Edit

The rest of the boat is unenchanted and is booked by passengers for four-day tours between New Orleans and Memphis. The tour includes two plays, two variety shows, a gambling hall where passengers can rent a period costume for a fee to gamble in, a kitchen that provides fine dining, and an afternoon of storytelling by Pearl.

References Edit

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