Minos was a Toreador methuselah, the sire of Helena. He was diablerised by his childe.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Even before her embrace Helena was regarded as the most beautiful woman who had ever lived. She lived in Argos, as the most beloved daughter of the king, until she met her future husband Minos, who was withered and ugly. Desperate, Helena ran away from her home, taking only a single handmaiden with her.

When she had collapsed from exhaustion, she was found by a prince of Asia Minor, Prias, who matched her beauty and the two immediately fell in love. Prias escorted Helena to his city where the couple lived happily for several years. 

Ten years lasted their happiness, until Minos found her and revealed himself to be not quite human as he raged through Prias's palace. Minos effortlessly defeated Prias and took Helena with him back to Argos. There he fed from her in a slow and agonizing way to punish her. When Minos finally gave her the Embrace, her first meal was to be her own father.

At first, she seemed resigned to her fate (fueled by both the Blood Bond and Minos's powerful Domination), but secretly plotted to destroy her hated sire and usurp his heartblood. Her chance came when, 13 years later, Prias returned with an army to lay siege to Argos. With the help of his soldiers, Prias managed to pierce Minos's heart with his spear. Eager for her revenge, Helena jumped forward and diablerised her sire.

Yezidian refugees from the remains of the Aral Sea refer to the force of ontological evil as "Minos, who is the son of Arikel", who rests deep within the salt flats of the dried out sea. They believe that, when "the other Eye opens", this force of evil will rise again. This implies that Minos, or another being that assumed his identity, is apparently still active in some form.

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