Minoan Mosaic

The Minoan Mosaic is a Level 4 Treasure of the Satyrs.

Overview Edit

The ancient art of mosaics was developed in ancient Greece. It involves setting pieces of colored tile in mortar to form a picture or decorative design. The Minoan Mosaic originated on Crete during the reign of King Minos. According to legend, this treasure shows the image of a faceless person until a changeling gazes into it for an extended period of time. Spending one point of Glamour, the faerie begins to see the face of their one true love appearing amidst the tiles.

Everyone has heard the tale of Narcissus and how, upon seeing his own reflection in the smooth surface of a lake, he fell madly in love with himself. He cold not break away and died where he sat, gazing at his own image. The Narcissus flower grew where he had been and was named for him. What few people know is that, several years prior, he peered into the Minoan Mosaic and was disappointed when the only image he found there was his own. He proclaimed the Mosaic to be a fake. He was apparently proven wrong.

References Edit

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