Pronunciation: mih'-nih'-stree
Proxy: Rebecca Bue Li
Aptitude: telepathy

The Ministry of Noetic Affairs (also the "Ministry" or the "MNA") is one of eight Psi Orders to reveal themselves to the public of the Trinity era. As with the other psi orders, the Ministry was founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — in this case, Rebecca Bue Li.

Members of the Ministry are often referred to as telepaths (after their Aptitude), Ministry agents, or tels (short for telepaths).

China is the Ministry's home geographical area, with its primary administrative headquarters in Beijing. The order's Prometheus Chamber triggers latents to the telepathy Aptitude.


Early Years Edit

Recent History Edit

With the recent Venezuelan Phenomenon, the psionic stresses pushed Bue Li's failing health over the edge. The Proxy died that day. However, her mind still lives on as a telepathic entity, using her closest advisors as hosts for her consciousness. Her death is largely kept a secret, even from her own order.

The Future Edit

Organization Edit

The Ministry is an official division of the Chinese government, and the only one to employ a number of non-Chinese citizens. As a branch of the government, it has several subdivisons:

Notes Edit

In the original Storyteller edition, the Ministry's full name was the Ministry of Psionic Affairs; it was renamed the Ministry of Noetic Affairs in the d20 edition.

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