Ming-Xiao (明曉) was the leader of the Kuei-jin in Los Angeles, and a self-proclaimed High Priestess of Chinatown who operated from the Temple of Golden Virtue.


Xiao's appearance in Los Angeles is fairly recent, but she has informed herself rather well on Kindred lore. She was well acquainted with Chinatown's prominent people such as Wong Ho, a respected businessman.

She is one of the toughest bosses that the player faces in VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines , with a whopping 1400 health.


  • "Ugh! What wretched strain of Caine's curse is this?"
  • "We are beings returned through the Second Breath for a purpose."
  • "You will have time to ponder this folly as you are devoured by worms and disease in the hell of burrowing maggots. A thousand years shall you suffer."




During combat with Ming-Xiao's Demon Shintai form, keep in mind the following:

  • Ming-Xiao has two primary attacks: spitting acid, or a tentacle swipe.
  • Doing damage to her will occasionally cause one of her tentacles to fall off. Tentacles immediately become a "mini-Ming" with 10 health.
  • MiniMing.jpg
    One mini-Ming at a time will grow to be a full-size Ming clone, albeit with less health (325), and it won't drop any of its own tentacles. If the clone is killed, any mini-Mings will take its place.
  • Killing a mini-Ming or a clone will cause Ming-Xiao to regrow one of her own tentacles.
  • If Ming is reduced to zero tentacles, she's limited to her easily-dodged acid-spit attack.
  • The combat becomes a balance between trying to minimize the tentacles Ming has to attack you with, while simultaneously trying to prevent the growth of any clones.

Game notes

Although her Dharma is not immediately obvious, it is likely that she possesses the Flesh Shintai at level five (Ten Thousand Forms) in order to disguise herself as Nines Rodriguez.

As she is observed teleporting around the city, it is also possible that she possesses level four (Ride the Dragon) of the Tapestry discipline.

A strict reading of Demon Shintai would also indicate she possesses at least level seven of this discipline in order to account for her six tentacles: she would have to be past level 5 because she possesses more than two tentacles, and at least 2 points in the advanced levels to afford her the four extra tentacles (as each advanced level grants two points to upgrade a demon form with).

In Kuei-Jin terms, this would usually make Ming-Xiao an Ancestor at the very least.


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