Mind's Eye Theatre Journal 8 is a Mind's Eye Theatre supplement released in 2001. It was the last issue of Mind's Eye Theatre Journal published.

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  • Welcome! by Yours Truly
  • The Current Thinking
  • So Long, Farewell, Bye-Bye by Cynthia Summers
  • Deadguy Speaks by Richard E. Dansky
  • Large Games and Long Chronicles by Steve Balfour
  • How Does It Feel? by Peter Woodworth
  • There Are Monsters Everywhere by Peter Woodworth
  • Creating Antagonists that Matter by David Tancredi
  • Event Horizon
  • What I Have Learned by Yours Truly


Steve Balfour's article on large games and long chronicles dovetails with the next MET release, Mind's Eye Theatre: Dark Epics.

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