Mind's Eye Theatre Journal 1 is a Mind's Eye Theatre periodocal.

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  • Welcome to the Mind's Eye Theatre Journal

A note from me on the purpose and goals of this magazine.

  • Up from the Pipes

"Who am I? Why am I here?"

  • The Current Thinking

An opinion forum from Mind's Eye players on issues of interest.

  • Deadguy Speaks

A regular column from Rich Dansky, former MET developer, on pretty much whatever he feels like talking about.

  • Enochian Mysticism

Rules and suggestions on working the fearsome Tal'mahe'Ra into your live-action Vampire chronicle.

  • Frontier Relines: Pumonca for Wyld West

The Garou are not alone in the Savage West. Other feral guardians patrol the Pure Lands.

  • "Master-Level" Thaumaturgy Rituals

What to teach the Tremere who knows everything.

  • Combined Disciplines for The Long Night

A deadly blend of mystical powers makes vampires the undisputed lords of the Dark Ages.

  • Fiction: "Any Mother's Child"

by Yours Truly.

  • Mayday! Part I: Ambassador

A storyline to include in your Oblivion chronicle that will impact all of Stygia.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Event Horizon


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