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Thanks to everyone who has ever contributed to and played in Mind’s Eye Theatre, from the mightiest convention saga to the smallest hometown chronicle. We started a revolution in roleplaying once before. Now it’s time to take the next leap forward. So paint your face and shadow smile, and let the play begin!
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: July 18, 2005
Pages: 354
Year: 2005
Publication #: WW 50000
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-522-5
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Mind's Eye Theatre Core Rulebook is a rulebook for the Mind's Eye Theatre game line. It applies the new Storytelling System rules to LARPs.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

A World of Darkness
It’s never far away. You glimpse it shift in the shadows, hear it whisper on the breeze, feel its presence in every nightmare. A world so very like our own, but where sinister societies and ancient horrors cloak themselves in modern guises, and every truth uncovered only reveals a deeper mystery beneath. The shadows call. Will you answer?
How Deep Do the Shadows Reach?
Mind’s Eye Theatre gives you everything players and Storytellers need to play a live-action game set in the World of Darkness®. From setting material and rules for playing mortal characters to Storytelling advice and an innovative challengeresolution system, this book is the cornerstone of a totally new live-action experience. Enter the theatre of the mind and learn the secrets of the night.

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