Concept and Design: Justin Achilli, Charles Bailey, Philippe Boulle, Carl Bowen, Bill Bridges, Dean Burnham, John Chambers, Ken Cliffe, Conrad Hubbard, Mike Lee, Chris McDonough, Matthew McFarland, Ethan Skemp, Alex Teodorescu-Badia, Richard Thomas, Mike Tinney, Aaron Voss, Stephan Wieck, Stewart Wieck, Peter Woodworth and Frederick Yelk
Written by: Ari Marmell, Andrew J. Scott, Dean Shomshak, C. A. Suleiman, Alex Teodorescu-Badia and Peter Woodworth
  • Additional Material: White Wolf Game Studio
  • World of Darkness created by Mark Rein•Hagen
  • World of Darkness co-created by Stewart Wieck
Developed by: Alex Teodorescu-Badia and Peter Woodworth
Editor: Carl Bowen
Art Director: Pauline Benney
Book Design: matt milberger
Interior Art: Samuel Araya, Aleksi Briclot, Avery Butterworth, Nils Hamm, Becky Jollensten, Brandon Kitkouski, Cosimo Lorenz Panchin, David Seeley, Chris Shy, Chad Michael Ward and Cathy Wilkins
Front Cover Art: Alex Maleev
Vampire: The Requiem Playtesters
Chastain Addington, Alan Alexander, Demian Anderson, Sara Anderson, Nils-Johnson Andreasson, David Bergkvist, Kraig Blackwelder, James Luke Boswell, Cassandra Brackett, Ryan Brandos, Daniel Byström, Ben Chism, James Comer, Chris Cowan, Tara De Blois, Corey Dixon, J. Entsminger, Gala Ferriere, Kevan Forbes, Douglas A. Forsyth, James Ganong, Fred Grass, Jasmine Marie Gribble, Brent Halstead, Aaron Harmon, Robert Holmberg, Conrad Hubbard, Julian Hubbard, Charles Kelley, Steve Kenson, Bishop Lewis, Terje Loklingholm, Chad McGrath, Mario Meo, Krister M. Michl, Albert Mowatt, Robin Nair, Mike Nudd, Corey Ovendale, Matthew Petosa, Chris Renfroe, Mattias Renmark, Steven Sharpe, Malcolm Sheppard, Kearsley Shieder-Wethy, Dean Shomshak, Jeff Skagen, Justin Smith, Ted Sunnerton, Helen E. Taylor, Ph.D., Joseph Turner, Jarett Underwood, Rachel “Bunnie” Winter, Jim Zubkavich, and the White Wolf Game Studio
Camarilla Playtesters
Sean Alexander, April Asbury, Bex, Todd Branch, Joe Carron, Wes Contreras, Michael Curnutt, Miguel Duran, Aaron Fenwick, Mark Lewis, Kevin Millard, Hugh Montgomerie, Silja Muller, Randy Ochs, Charlie Rose, Guy Seggev, Jeremiah Spaulding, Nico van Aerde, Jason Walter, Eddy Webb
Pete's Playtesters
Scott Adams, Kevin Allen, Fletcher Bennett, Rich Brodsky, Greg Curley, Dan DiFlavis, Jim Fillmore, Matt Florentine, Alyson Gaul, Lee Hefner, BJ Hinkle, James A. Hussiere, Scott Katinger, Frank Manna, Dan Schermond, Megan Strittmatter, Tim Sullivan, Jackob Thurston, Tome Wilson.
Prop Blood Recipe by: Kevin Allen
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: July 18, 2005
Pages: 392
Year: 2005
Publication #: WW 50001
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-523-3
PDF: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip
Price: $24.99
PDF: $9.99

Mind's Eye Theatre: The Requiem is a rulebook for the Mind's Eye Theatre game line. It expands upon the MET: Mind's Eye Theatre Core Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, bringing elements from Vampire: The Requiem into LARPs.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

There’s Music in the Night
As the sun fades into memory and the world falls into darkness, the haunting notes of the danse macabre echo, calling the undead to play their nightly games. From turf wars in the streets to cutting remarks at society parties, old grudges spill fresh blood as vampires vie for power and prominence. It’s a world without pity, a world of predators. Now that you’re one of them, it’s your world too.
Won’t You Join Us?
The Requiem provides all the information necessary to bring the mysterious existence of vampires to your Mind’s Eye Theatre™ game. Secret histories of the undead, the clans and covenants that make up the danse macabre, rules for the mystic Disciplines — it’s all here. Discover the nocturnal world as you’ve never seen it before. Requires the Mind’s Eye Theatre rulebook for play.

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