Mind's Eye Theatre: The Requiem is a rulebook for the Mind's Eye Theatre game line. It expands upon the MET: Mind's Eye Theatre Core Rulebook Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!, bringing elements from Vampire: The Requiem into LARPs.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

There’s Music in the Night
As the sun fades into memory and the world falls into darkness, the haunting notes of the danse macabre echo, calling the undead to play their nightly games. From turf wars in the streets to cutting remarks at society parties, old grudges spill fresh blood as vampires vie for power and prominence. It’s a world without pity, a world of predators. Now that you’re one of them, it’s your world too.
Won’t You Join Us?
The Requiem provides all the information necessary to bring the mysterious existence of vampires to your Mind’s Eye Theatre™ game. Secret histories of the undead, the clans and covenants that make up the danse macabre, rules for the mystic Disciplines — it’s all here. Discover the nocturnal world as you’ve never seen it before. Requires the Mind’s Eye Theatre rulebook for play.


This chapter is not denoted in the table of contents, but covers the following topics. An overview of what it means to play a Vampire in The Requiem; a section on the Modern-Gothic theme. the unknowable history of Vampires, how The Requiem Vampires are different from classical vampires, and theme and mood. As well as How to Use This Book which is a more detailed table of contents.

Chapter One: Society of the Damned

More detailed look into the Vampire condition and society. Covering concepts of the Embrace, the Requiem, why vampires are the way they are, the interactions between Kindred known as the Danse Macabre, Clan descriptions, what are Coteries, vampire history, vampire society's attraction to cities, Elysium, Havens, Domains, Vampire Government, Vampire Law, Titles/Ranks/Positions, Vampire territory, and the high and low society.

Chapter Two: Character

This section covers character creation and lists of merits, disciplines, clans, and other abilities.

Character Creation Steps:

  1. Character Concept
  2. Select Attributes
  3. Select Skills
  4. Select Skill Specialties
  5. Add Vampire Template
  6. Select Merits
  7. Determine Advantages
  8. Spark of Unlife - Flesh out your character background.

Chapter Three: Special Rules and Systems

This chapter goes into a number of special rules and conditions that only apply to Kindred. Such as the blood mechanics, Predator's Taint (How Vampires instinctively react to one another), The Traditions, Damage/Wounds/Healing, Frenzy, Humanity, Derangements, overcoming the negatives of being a Vampire, and the political machinations of the Danse Macabre.

Chapter Four: Storytelling and Antagonists

This section goes over getting started with The Requiem as the game runner, Storyteller. Setting up the NPCs, Setting, Theme, and mapping out your Chronicles.

How a Storyteller might craft the plot, missions, and conflict within a game.

How a Storyteller might handle various mechanical parts of the game; such as mood, action/violence level, intrigue/mystery level, Plot Derailment, Social Contract of the game, Characterizations, and how to act as various Vampire types including advice on props and costuming.

Guidance for Storytellers to run Antagonists that mesh well with your group and are diverse from one another.

Sample Antagonists

  • Hell Hounds - Ghouled dogs or dogs transformed by certain magics of the undead.
  • Homunculus - Magically conjured servants that are found in the service of Acolytes or other magic wielders.
  • Gargoyles - Unliving automatons crafted from stone or other substances.
  • Blood Dolls - People who know about vampires and willingly let them feed on them.
  • Doting Thrall (Ghoul) - Ghoul that is exceedingly subservient to their master, but will not lay down their life because they believe their master needs them alive.
  • Rack Visitor - Nightlifers who spend their time at drinking joints and clubs.
  • Street Preacher - Homeless street corner prophets trying to organize a congregation.
  • Rogue Ghoul - Ghoul who has turned against vampires.
  • Belial's Brood Fanatic - Members of the demonic undead faction known as Belial's Brood are vampires in active rebellion against the Prince and their Covenants.

Trouble Shooting

Section on the subject of adjusting encounters in case out of game problems arise. Such as approaching players who forget that their characters are vampires, how to manage the effect political intrigue on players' egos, how to manage when a swarm of players want to dive into the rare aspect of Bloodlines, how to manage Clan/Covenant xenophobia, how to manage players who want revolution for revolution's sake, how to break free from Clan/Covenant stereotypes, how to deal with character bleed (i.e. when you forget you aren't your character), and how to manage power gamers.

Appendix: Bloodlines

Rules for the custom creation of Bloodlines (i.e. unique variations of the Clans) and Disciplines.

Background Information

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