Written by: Jackie Cassada, Earle "Glas" Durboraw, Heather Grove, Matthew Hooper, Alan I. Kravit, Nicky Rea
Additional writing by: Cynthia Summers
Developed by: Cynthia Summers
Edited by: Carl Bowen
Previously published material has appeared in: Laws of the Wild, Changing Breeds Book 1, Changing Breeds Book 2, Subsidiaries: A Players Guide to Pentex, Freak Legion and Book of the Wyrm Second Edition
Art Direction by: Aaron Voss
Photographs by: Pauline Benney
Front and Back Cover Design by: Jaon Liang
Layout and typesestting by: Jaon Liang
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: October 15, 2001
Pages: 286
Year: 2001
Publication #: WW 5029
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-507-1
PDF: Bullet-fiction
Price: Digital: $8.99

Print on Demand: $15.99

Book of the Wyrm is a sourcebook for Mind's Eye Theatre that gives rules and suggestions for Wyrm-aligned antagonists.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
We Have Met the Enemy...
The werewolves know that they are fighting an enemy that is mighty and implacable. The Wyrm reaches out everywhere, from corporate America where Pentex and its subsidiaries are ensconced to the werewolves' lost kin, the Black Spiral Dancers to the terrible spirits called Banes. The Garou fight desperately with every weapon they can, and they must not lose. They have stared into the Abyss, and it staring back hungrily.
And We Are His...
Here is the material to bring the Apocalypse sharply into focus for your chronicle. From the corrupted fomori to the Hives of the mad Black Spiral Dancers to the many arms of the Pentex corporation to the very halls of Malfeas, here is laid out what the Garou fight against. On what may be the eve of Apocalypse, it will take more than courage to survive what's coming...


The Lesson: A Cautionary TaleEdit

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Chapter Three: A Map of HellEdit

Chapter Four: The Black Spiral DancersEdit

Chapter Five: The Fallen and the WretchedEdit

Chapter Six: Pentex and SubsidiariesEdit

Appendix: The Wyrm's ArsenalEdit

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