Gregarious and mischievous, Mimis are caretakers of country, emerging at night to arrange and rearrange features like rocks and scrub to their liking.


Originally from western Arnhem Land, mimis are among the most fae-like of Australia’s numerous Spirit Beings. Some stories say that the mimis had human forms before the first people came to Australia, and others that they taught the first humans how to hunt, paint, and prepare kangaroo meat.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Mimis tend to have suffered the least in the mass displacements of Spirit Beings from country, and most can still be found in their rocky escarpments in the wilderness of northern Australia. Some, however, have chosen to leave their traditional lands, concerned by the effects that the steady push of development into pristine territory and the historical losses of Aboriginal populations have had on the balance they’ve strived to maintain since time immemorial.

Mimis are very thin and tall, with elongated bodies that look frail and easily broken, or like they might blow away in a stiff wind. Despite this fragility, mimis are energetic and active people, and their extroverted natures ensure they are often found in the middle of social groups.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Muse of the Land: Mimi instinctively know how to arrange the environments around them to maximize the flows of Glamour. They may freely make Musing rolls to regain Glamour when engaged in any kind of landscaping, natural conservation, or area cleanup efforts, and gain 1 additional Glamour point from successful Musing in such circumstances.
  • Happy Spirit: Mimis are friendly and cheerful by nature, and enjoy spending time with others. They add one to the Charisma Attribute, even if it takes them above 5, and benefit from a -1 difficulty to all rolls when engaging in genuinely positive social interactions. They cannot botch Empathy or Etiquette rolls.


  • Fragile Body: Though their slender build enables them to slip into impossibly narrow cracks to shelter themselves from danger or discovery, it comes at the cost of sturdiness and resilience. Mimis convert one level of bashing damage to lethal damage any time they receive more than one level of bashing damage. In addition, healing times for lethal and aggravated damage are increased by half. Healing times for bashing damage are unaffected.


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