Milov Petrenkov is one of the Founders of the Camarilla.


By the time of the founding of the Camarilla, Milov was a constant part of the coterie of the Founders, able to summarize lengthy arguments with brief, concise speeches. Highly respected for his strategic mind, he slowly began to lose himself to his inner Beast until he gave into it and vanished in the Carpathian forests, more animal than man. Since then, no one has heard of him and the Inner Circle considers him dead by the hands of the Inquisition or the fangs of bloodthirsty Kindred.[1]

Appearance Edit

Milov is a slim, young man with shaggy hair and innocent looking eyes that note everything he sees. Quiet, but with an air of restrained power, he knows himself to be what he is – a vampire, the ultimate hunter – and all others are his rightful prey. For all his quiet, Milov is exceedingly observant and insightful. Because he rarely wastes words, but when he does speak, Milov's words carry immense gravity.

Character SheetEdit


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