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The Milliners are a family of American bankers that were brought in to the Giovanni clan in the mid-1950's.


Francis Milliner is the leader of the family and is famous for his ability to hold a grudge. The history of the Milliner family within Clan Giovanni begins after Francis Milliner was passed over by P.J Kennedy during his campaign to become the next president of the Columbia Trust Company. In turn, Francis Milliner used his business contacts to ally himself with Andreas Giovanni of Boston, who had recently arrived. Over the years and a little encouragement from his new allies, Francis Milliner worked to systematically undermine the entire Kennedy business while they were "distracted" by politics. Urban legends within Clan Giovanni hold that the Milliners still pursue their vendetta against the Kennedys, and that they are responsible for the assassination of J.F. Kennedy, among other misfortunes.

Currently, the Milliners are headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and have influence in the greater New England area. Francis Milliner's success in claiming the city for his Clan has earned him the favour of Augustus Giovanni himself, who allowed Francis to diablerize the unfaithful Giovanni Genevra to lower his generation. The Milliners are not well versed in Necromancy, instead preferring to focus on the business of making money. Thanks to the Milliners, the Giovanni involvement in organized criminality didn't die when Italian influence waned. They invested heavily in privatized prisons that bring in a constant source of income and cheap labor for the Clan, as well as using their influence to denounce witch-hunters as "persons of interest" and "domestic terrorists"

Their great successes, however, have become seen as the norm, and the Anziani demand more and more of the family, without recognizing them as equals. In the aftermath of the Sixth Maelstrom and the enormous loss of souls for the Clan, Francis Milliner was publically disciplined by the Anziano Diego Giovanni and even permissions for Embraces were cut back. This strains the relations between both families greatly.

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