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A milestone is an achievement on a Promethean's Pilgrimage that allows them to come a step closer to Mortality. They are often a reflection of a character's short and long-term goals, and are emotionally significant to the character in some manner. A Promethean who achieves a milestone through their actions and understanding will receive Vitriol; the larger or more important the goal is, the more Vitriol they receive. The Promethean can then use the Vitriol to further improve themselves or store it in an Azothic Athanor.

Types of Milestones

Milestones can be minor, major or superlative, depending on their significance to the Pilgrimage. A superlative milestone is always a step forward.

Universal Milestones

All Prometheans must complete certain milestones, which they come to understand via Azothic Memory. These milestones also need not come in a particular order. The universal milestones are:

  • sublimatio, understanding the need for Roles and Refinements.
  • separatio, understanding the nature of Disquiet and Torment.
  • ceratio, forming bonds with others.
  • fermentatio, understanding the Created's capacity for self-improvement.
  • multiplicatio, leaving behind a legacy that will remain after one's death or New Dawn
  • projectio or anastasis, a journey to the Rivers of Underworld and back.

While the milestones themselves are universal, each one may be completed in different ways depending on the individual. To complete multiplicatio, for instance, one Promethean might create another of her Lineage, while another mentors someone else's creation, or creates an Athanor to pass on what he understands about the Pilgrimage. Only the journey to the River looks much the same for all Created, as they must understand death in order to understand life. No Extempore has ever achieved anastasis.

Instinctive and Prescribed Milestones

Other milestones are unique to individuals. Instinctive milestones are developed during character creation, and reflect the first fumblings of the Created along the Pilgrimage. Prescribed milestones are often related to Roles (see below) but may also reflect more general life lessons and choices about what sort of person the Created wants to be.


Along the Pilgrimage, the Created embody many Roles corresponding to the various Refinements. By completing these roles, they learn more about humanity; any completed Role is automatically a milestone. Rejecting a Role, or abandoning a Role without completing it, risks stepping back on the Pilgrimage.

Players choose specific Roles and Refinements to explore at character creation. These specific Roles represent superlative milestones. Completing other Roles represents a major milestone. In addition, when attempting the New Dawn, the number of completed Roles and the range of Refinements they come from influences the chances of success and what that success looks like.