The Milehigh Campaign was a series of military actions of the Accordance War.

Overview Edit

Though the commoners hadn’t yet figured out the trods, they still managed to spread the news of the war through various networks. From across the country, changelings headed west to put down the sidhe army. By car, by plane, by ornithopter, or airship, Kithain legions gathered to do battle.

The big battle was in Denver; General Brindel of the 3rd Western Legion took command of the defense of the city. Thousands were on the field to meet the enemy, and a couple thousand more garrisoned Denver’s freeholds. Against a few hundred sidhe and some loyalist commoners, They thought they stood a good chance.

They were wrong. The sidhe had them outgunned. A flight of wyverns spit venom from above, tearing a hole in their tight ranks. Sidhe arrows and cantrips also thinned out the defenders. The nockers couldn’t move their war engines fast enough to bear down on the advancing enemy. The mounted sidhe moved in liquid formations, diffuse until the moment the charge struck home. Then they broke apart again and rode around to the flanks. Leaving his own unit as rearguard, Brindel moved his forces into the city. Unwelcome news came then that the sidhe had taken by surprise and captured several key freeholds. Fighting raged in the streets for hours as the commoners slowly fell back to what freeholds they had left. By the end of the day, Brindel knew the battle was lost, and it was decided to send the bulk of the forces out of the city so they could join with the armies to the east. At midnight, he launched a final offensive spearheaded by the Brigade of the Canyon. Once the battle was joined, columns of commoners began a hard march away from the city, hoping to harry the sidhe along the way. The attack was far more successful than anyone could have hoped, and in half an hour, the sidhe were either holed up in freeholds or pushed to the suburbs. Risking all on the hope of driving the nobles to ground, Brindel then ordered the retreating commoners to return. The returning column was set upon and annihilated in a terrible ambush; the sidhe retreat had been feigned, and now the west was doomed. It’s been said that General Brindel and his staff, aflame in the Dragon’s Ire, took down many sidhe before they were killed. The shattered remnants of the commoners either fled east or went underground where they kept up an active resistance until the end of the war.

  • Milehigh Campaign: May 7th-July 10th, 1971
  • Battle of Denver: July 4th-5, 1971

References Edit

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