Name: Mikhail
Plural: Mikhaili
Pronunciation: Meek-haa-eel-lee
Nicknames: The Winter Kings
Disciplines: Animalism, Bereschligost, Resilience

The Mikhaili are a lost Clan of Kindred native to Siberia.


Once the masters of the arctic steppes, the Mikhaili became threatened when the Gangrel spread from the south into their territory. To combat them, the Mikhaili Embraced far and wide, diluting their blood and creating revenants to fight against the invaders. Only too late did they realize that they had diminished themselves too much and not even Diablerie would raise their Blood Potency again.

The Gangrel hunted the Mikhaili to extinction, diablerizing the last members of the line. A trace of them remains in the blood of those that partook in this crime, and when a Gangrel of these lineages creates a revenant, a chance is that it will transform into something more alike to the old Mikhaili.

Clan Weakness Edit

Originally, the glare of arctic nights had crystallized in Mikhaili blood, and the summer was as anathema as day itself even south of the polar circle. Every spring equinox, they fell into a deep state of torpor from which nothing could rouse them. Every fall equinox, they rose again, hungry for blood.

With their dilution, they now suffer from a different weakness. Mikhaili are unable to Embrace true, and only create Revenants.

References Edit

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