Mike Potter, also known as Spark, is a Seelie Nocker Childling and member of the Gangsters motley.


Mike Potter

Mike's mother works most of the day as a secretary for a large corporation and so has had to raise her son by proxy: notes tacked to the fridge, phone calls, a neighbor occasionally "popping in," etc... Because of this, Mike has had too much freedom and received too little attention and any child psychologist will tell you this equals "problem child."

His suspiciously innocent façade conceals a mind of pure mischief. During shop class he secretly works on "unauthorized" projects: grappling hooks, clothes-peg guns, boomerangs, slingshots, smoke bombs, milk-carton and acetylene bombs, firecracker missiles, chimerical odds and ends, etc, etc, etc... He performs field tests after school.

Not that any sot would know it, but some of Mike's abnormal behavior comes from being a Nocker. He went through his Chrysalis a year ago, about when his mom got that full-time position, and his Saining was done by Tilutan. His fae nature predisposes him to smashing, monkey-wrenching, and using sarcastic (sometimes hurtful) humor. Like dwarves of legend he also collects things. This can involve digging in dumpsters, shoplifting, or "borrowing" from friends. His collection places him high in the childhood Hierarchy of Possession. He is rewarded with great awe every time he reaches into his coat and produces matches, a magnifying glass, handcuffs, cherry bombs, a railroad spike, feather, quartz crystal, piece of driftwood, mouse skull, etc, etc, etc...

Personal Edit

Mike is the Mephistopheles of childlings. He is courteous to adults, crude and taunting to teens, and persuasive and confrontational with peers. He is a champion of the downtrodden, among whom he counts himself. Lacking the physical means to defend his convictions, he relies on distant taunts, mischief, merry chases, and (when caught) stalwart martyrdom. For most of his life he has sought attention and affection, even if he isn't aware of it. With Dianne courting him now, he doesn't know how to react.


Mike is "ten-and-a-half-almost-eleven," but small for his age. His page-boy cut black hair throws his pale, freckled face into stark contrast. He is a plain-looking boy. He usually wears black slacks, a long-sleeved white shirt (stained on the cuff with bicycle grease) and a black velvet cape made from a curtain. In fae mien he is not plain looking. His skin is waxy and translucent; his most prominent features are his pug nose and large, ruddy mouth pulled into a perpetual half-grin. Due to a grossly twisted spine (existent but not so evident in mortal seeming), he seems even smaller.


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