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Mikaboshi in his traveling form

Mikaboshi, lord of the Wicked City, is a Yama King and master over one of the Thousand Hells.


The being known as Mikaboshi was originally a Japanese scholar and fang shih who was invited by the Chinese court to be an advisor. Unfortunately, he was consumed by a lust for power, and turned to infernalism. He created many architectural configurations to develop and focus corrupted chi through the Yin world to fuel his magics, but was eventually found out, forcing him to flee into the spirit worlds permanently. Obsessed with attaining more power, he plots ceaselessly to ensure he will be the one to overthrow the August Personage in Jade and become the Demon Emperor.


Rarely seen outside of his tower, those who meet with Mikaboshi speak of him being a grotesquely fat and pallid creature suspended from the ceiling by cybernetics. Outside the tower, others claim he is a handsome Japanese businessman with mechanical hands (this is rumored to be his guise when traveling about the Middle Kingdom).


In the Japanese Kojiki, Amatsu-Mikaboshi is a malignant Shinto god. His name means "Dread Star of Heaven".


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