Mihail of Sinai was a Nosferatu that was part of a cult that worshipped the Nosferatu Antediluvian.


Home in Transylvania since his Embrace, Mihail first served the local Tzimisce as part of their retinue. Later, in the 19th century, he felt the call of his blood and was summoned by Absimillard himself, who contacted him telepathically. Mihail feared he would kill him and his brood. He had always heard that the clan founder had no love for his children. Since they were not immediately slain, Mihail tried to please “the father,” figuring as long as he remained useful, he would survive. In secret, he just wanted to get as far away from Nosferatu as he possibly could. He did not expect to last long, for he knew the clan founder can summon him from any-where on earth, but he valued his existence enough to hope to pro-long the time before his inevitable demise.

As part of Absimillards agenda, Mihail was sent to capture the Tremere Celestyn to lure out a coterie of dangerous Cainites that had been vital for the construction of the geomantic web that bound Kupala to the Transylvanian soil. He was captured by Yin Lei, a Kuei-jin that had acted as Celestyn’s mentor in feng shui. He later met his end as Nosferatu’s plan was foiled by the coterie.

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