Miguel Guitierrez

Miguel Gutierrez is a Homid Theurge Shadow Lord. He is quite unusual among the Shadow Lords in that he had no real appreciation for the rewards power can bring. To him it was all stuff and nonsense, and this made him a social misfit even before his life really began to diverge from the norm.


The youngest of six children, born in Guadalupe, Mexico (WOD); a suburb of Monterrey and close to the Mexico's largest national park, Cumbres de Monterrey; and there, Miguel spent much of his time here while he was growing up. He was very poor, but that never stopped him from appreciating the world around him and his place in it. This perspective tempered the Rage associated with his First Change, which was less violent than that of most other Garou, and he emerged from the ordeal as one who experienced a spiritual awakening. This unusual circumstance, along with the even temper that accompanied it was enough to make him a Theurge worthy of some attention.

However, it was his ability to channel his ancestors, that made him both a pawn and a revolutionary within his own Sept. The spirits speak in many tongues, and Miguel found it difficult to understand what they wanted of him. One spirit in particular, a Garou with a dark fur, turned to white with age, was particularly disturbing; this ancestor forced Miguel to witness a scene from the past, in which the beast dismembered a large bat, over and over again. The guilt associated with the vision was overwhelming, and Miguel could make no sense of it.

Driven to the brink of madness by the visions, Miguel undertook an Umbral quest, to find the source of his ancestor's guilt. He investigated ruins in Mexico and learned everything he could about the people in his visions. He found that his ancestor was Dark Claw of Vengeance, and he was the Garou whose claws had killed the last of the Camazotz.


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