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Midrealm is an Umbral Realm at the center of the Umbra. It contains the Alder Bole, a primordial World Tree that formed the Tellurian, and has a lodge where Umbrood of all kinds may meet in peace.  


Midrealm is not only very center of the Umbra, but also may be the center of Reality. Some scholars believe that it may even be Mount Qaf and/or Correspondence Point.

Alder Bole

The Alder Bole is the World Tree of World of Darkness cosmology. Like World Trees in many mythologies it is beginning and center of all things with a ubiquitous power over all things. It is a pure expression of the Pattern, and is said to be one of the few remaining places of pure creation left in the Tellurian.

According to spirit legend, when drops of the primordial Wyld fell into the Void the Weaver was created taking the form of a single seed. Fed by the strange mix of Wyrm and Weaver essences, the seed grew into a sapling: the Alder Bole. As the sapling grew larger its branches reached into the High Umbra while its roots grew into the Low Umbra, giving these realms shape. It is also said that it gave birth to the Fates otherwise known as the Sisters (Fate, Being, and Necessity), Umbrood, gods, spirits etc. The Pattern created by the tree was most dense around the trunk which formed into the Middle Umbra, the Earth and all line upon it.

The Alder Bolw is colossal in size, and reaches into many Realms. One can get nearly anywhere in the Umbra via the tree. Tree bears the Fruit of Eternity, which are sweet, golden-skinned, honeycombed fleshed fruits that are rich in Tass, and may even bring enlightenment; not without price, however. Typhon is rumored to hunt those who steal the fruits.

While the Alder Bole is far reaching and stable, Typhon, a minion of the Void, gnaws at its roots. Eventually the tree will collapse into the Void taking Reality with it. They also believe that when the tree falls the Dynamic essences will spark the Void creating a new Pattern or Reality.

Travel There

Midrealm exists at the base of the Alter Bole where the trunk and ground meet. One may travel to the Realm by meditation on a symbol that evokes the Alder Bole such as the rood or cross, swastika, legendary accounts of the tree, or simply a tree itself. Myth suggests that mortals may only travel to this Realm once in a lifetime.

Places of Interest

  • The Barrier - An impervious rainbow barrier surrounds Midrealm that rises as high as the Horizon. It is made up of a unique kind of Quintessence (MTAs) that is neither free nor bound up in a Pattern. Four rivers issue forth from the roots of the Alter Bole in the four cardinal directions. Between the Barrier and the Alder Bole is a vast wilderness filled with every imaginable Earthly biomes, and various animal spirits.
  • Hall of Many Meeting - A great, immortal longhouse that servers as a meeting place for Umbrood of all kinds, but is a sort of home of the Sisters.


  • Animal Spirits
  • Glade Children
  • Elementals
  • Other visiting spirits.

Fruits and plants in Midrealm are edible but become poisonous if taken from the Realm.


  • Forethought - A man hung by many hooks and chains in a forest at the base of the Alder Bole. One may take his place and take on his offering by asking; "What ails thee?"
  • Typhon - The jaggling of Ialdabaoth is a serpent coiled among the roots of the Alder Bole guarding the Fruits of Eternity.
  • Protean Hawk - The Protean Hawk is the manifestation of Dynamism living at the highest braches of the tree. Visitors are expected to pay a toll to the Protean Hawk when vising the Realm.