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Midnight Express is a supplement to Wraith: The Oblivion about the mysterious train system of Stygia run by the Ferrymen.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Light at the End of the Tunnel...
An unearthly whistle in the distant night signals the arrival of the ghost train known only as the Midnight Express. Cobbled together from the remains of train wrecks spanning the ages, the train provides the only reliable means of safe passage through the Tempest to virtually any destination in the Shadowlands.
Is the Midnight Express!
Controlled by Ferrymen, the Midnight Express winds through the Tempest nightly, bringing wraiths to destinations across the Shadowlands. Its strict neutrality maintained by the Ferrymen, it has become a popular meeting place for members of rival factions withtin wraith society. But the Ferrymen also use the train as a means of finding those interested in a far different kind of journey - that toward Transcendence.

Introduction: Into Midnight

Includes information on how to use the book, as well as the basic details of the Midnight Express, the way it operates, and how it runs safely through the Tempest every night.

Chapter One: A Shadow of a Doubt

A wraith looking for his lost love loses control of himself when his Shadow attempts to take the Midnight Express hostage.

Chapter Two: Six-Guns and Soulfire

An Old West-style adventure in which the participants must use the Midnight Express to arrive in time to rescue the town of Pumpkin, Arizona.

Chapter Three: Midnight Run

A faction of Renegades need a favor; unfortunately, it turns bad when the party is trapped on the Midnight Express in the midst of a large contingency of the Hierarchy.

Chapter Four: Next Stop: Oblivion

A new railroad line appears to challenge the Midnight Express. Unfortunately, it's run by a Malfean.

Chapter Five: The Price of Vengeance

A group of wraiths are sent to gather information for the Hierarchy about a Great War-era scandal; however, some want the information protected, no matter the cost.

Chapter Six: Shadow Play

An ordinary trip turns horrific when someone decides to test the characters and their Shadows.

Appendix: The Midnight Express

Notes on the history and layout of the train.


  • Nicholas - The enigmatic Ferryman in charge of running the Midnight Express.
  • Gabriel McClintlock - The engineer of No. 13 who died when it crashed; he now helps the Ferrymen with the engine's day-to-day operation.
  • J.W. Stillwell - The conductor of the train that No. 13 was a part of who still holds his duties, just now in the Shadowlands.
  • Pierre - The bartender of the Midnight Express who was rescued by Nicholas, he is actually an information broker primarily by trade.
  • Emile Berce - The maitre d' of the restaurant car who secretly supports the Hierarchy.


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