Micro-Methodologies are smaller and less-funded research avenues found in the Progenitors Convention.

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Not every Progenitor's research interest fits into one of the three main Methodologies; the FACADE Engineers, Genegineers, or Pharmacopoeists. Many scientific disciplines, such as veterinary medicine, agriculture, and ecology, fall outside the larger Convention structure. They end up as smaller organizations that fill in the gaps. Often referred to as "micro-Methodologies" by the larger, more smug, and better funded Methodologies, they are full Methodologies in their own rights, just on a much smaller scale (with a smaller-than-proportional funding from the Syndicate).

There are even a few scientists who do not fit even into one of these Micro-Methodologies. Enlightened geologists and paleontologists, for example; there are so few of them that they do not even have a group identity or name. The Shared Governance Council gives them a small stipend for their research and (gently) encourages them to find their way into more rewarding positions in the Convention. These suggestions usually go unheeded, however. Like most Progenitors in the micro-Methodologies, they have a passion for their study, and can spend many happy years in dig sites and museum libraries.

Divisions Edit

  • Agronomists: The Agronomists focus on agriculture and botany. By common admission a boring subject, it is nonetheless vital for the survival of the Masses. They often combine their knowledge with Genegineer techniques to introduce more advanced crops to the Consensus.
  • Shalihotran Society: Named after Shalihotra, these scientists focus on veterinary medicine. They are often found where people depend on animals for their daily work. Their studies of epidemics that affect animals are sometimes appropriated by the Pharmacopoeists when they begin to affect humans, like in the case of bird and swine flu.
  • Preservationists: Preservationists work to convince humanity to adopt green and environmental alternatives to current technology. Seeing the widespread pollution of the Earth as the fault of the Order of Reason during the Industrialization, the Preservationists research why the Consensus seems to reject concepts like "clean energy". To this end, they have a working relationship with the New World Order.
  • Psychopharmacopoeists: Originally a branch of the Pharmacopoeists, the Psychopharmacopoeists split in 1960 by the vote of Administration. They act as therapists and counselors to the Union, and see their techniques in contrast to the more aggressive methods espoused by the New World Order. Nonetheless, they cooperate with them in the matter of studying Mind Procedures and finding new ways to convert stubborn Reality Deviants. Besides that, their studies also concern Enlightenment.

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