Final Death:

1999 CE








Prince of Manhattan until 1999

Michaela was the Prince of Manhattan in a Sabbat-dominated city of New York for most of the 20th century.


Originally a minor Ventrue from Pennsylvania, she traveled to New York in 1929, and exploited the Sabbat's endemic ignorance of economics to build a power base on Wall Street during the Great Depression. Michaela used the crisis to become a multibillionaire, buying corporate stock at deflated prices and waiting for them to return to their actual value.

After her example, the Camarilla abandoned the outer boroughs of the city and retreated to Manhattan, consolidating their domain over that critical part of the city. Michaela managed to halt the rapid turnover of princes and stabilized the borders of the Camarilla quadrant of the city (though not a night went by without the Sabbat testing her defenses).

After she claimed the title of Prince a plea to the Camarilla would ensure she received carte blanche from the Ventrue Justicar to create progeny in defense of the city. It was not lost on Michaela's critics how closely this permission imitates the Mass Embrace tactics of the Sabbat, and certain cynics among the clans wonder how hospitable a postbellum New York would become knee-deep in eighth-generation Ventrue.

Against all odds, however, she succeeded in holding downtown Manhattan as a Camarilla outpost for most of the century.

Final DeathEdit

In 1999, the Camarilla was finally able to take New York from the Sabbat with a huge offensive. Cardinal Francisco Domingo de Polonia and Michaela agreed to a diplomatic conversation scheduled to take place in one of Michaela's many havens. Polonia arrived with his pack and took off her head right then and there. After they killed the Prince, the Camarilla got a pretty good idea of Sabbat diplomacy and scattered like hookers from a cop car.

With Michaela's death, Calebros of the Nosferatu assumed as a temporary Prince of New York.



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