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Michael Delshire is a Seelie Troll Wilder knight of House Liam and a member of The Fool's Gambit Freehold.


Michael joined Duke Tymon ap Liam's court when he was Sained fifteen years ago. He quickly rose through the ranks and was knighted on his twentieth birthday, a few days short of completing his training at the police academy. Life was pretty simple for him. His duties allowed him to remove unsavory people from the streets and help people in need. He followed the duke loyally and had few problems maintaining his strict, chivalrous code of honor. His trusted friend (and oathmate), a pooka named John McKroan, travelled with him wherever he went. Together they oversaw portions of the duchy and helped suppress insurrections.

His problems started 5 years ago when he met Alyson Dameon. He immediately fell in love with her and began to muse her singing career. John followed him loyally, though he had misgivings about the match. Michael was stunned when he learned Alyson returned his affections and even more surprised when he learned Tymon was also courting her. When the duke learned of the affair, he flew into a rage and ordered the young knight to never see Alyson again. Michael refused and continued to try and live within the boundaries he knew. This opened his eyes to how badly Tymon treated those he saw as beneath him. When he finally decided to leave the court, he told John, who only nodded, and brought him to The Fool's Gambit. The regulars were quick to welcome the fallen knight after hearing his tale.

Michael and John still keep a close eye on Alyson. Michael dotes on her and gives her all he can of his meager detective salary from the Boston police force. Many are worried the relationship will end tragically as most fae/mortal relationships do, but others are more optimistic.


Michael is very thoughtful and weighs all matters against his personal code of honor. He is extremely loyal and operates on the codex "My honor is my life." He often frightens people with the perpetual dark look on his face but that lifts whenever someone mentions his love.



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