The Mesektet are one of the six Dynasties of the Amenti, the Egyptian immortals most commonly known as mummies.


Those chosen by sahu Tem-Akh were corrupted souls, those with a tendency to lie and cheat or who looked only to short-sighted temporal gain. Through the joining, they gain the integrity and honesty they lacked in their First Life. They often become preoccupied with righting their past wrongs or making some form of restitution to those they have harmed. Their knowledge of the Celestial Hekau allows them to see the designs of fate, but they must learn the price of reckless interference in those designs.

Purpose and LiabilityEdit

Like all Amenti, the Mesektet have both a purpose, in whose service their can draw on the strength of their tem-akh, and a liability, which represents a weakness of their creation.


A Mesektet spends a lot of time looking for signs of fate's workings in the world, and may be able to act on that knowledge. In game terms, each day the player has a dice pool equal to their Balance which they can use to re-roll an action. The second result stands even if it is worse than the first. This pool refreshes each (in-game) day, and the entire pool need not be used at once.


The Mesektet are uniquely weakened during night time hours; some suggest that they grant their strength to Ra during that time as he battled his way back towards dawn, or that during the night the sahu is briefly allowed to return to A'aru. In gameplay terms, all the character's dice pools lose two dice at night.


Mummy: The Resurrection Dynasties


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