Meru was the mythical seat of the Wan Xian, their most holy site. It features prominently across the myths of most Shen.


To the Kuei-jin, Meru was a temple complex that served as the headquarter of the Wan Xian, right under the sight of the August Personage of Jade. Here, the rogue immortals turned on their own children, the Jin Hai, an act that finally caused their cursing. According the Kuei-jin, Meru was located on the Tibetan plateau, as recorded by texts from the Fourth Age written during the Shang Dynasty by scholars of the Yellow Emperor Court. That no Kuei-jin can travel Tibet without suffering severely debilitating drawbacks and that next to no Tibetans ever take the Second Breath is seen as further proof. Others point to more mundane explanations, believing  that the Himalaya mountain range acts as a natural dissolver of chi, ripping the chi from a Kuei-jin’s body just as they draw the dragon lines of the Middle Kingdom to them. In more scholastic terms, the ascent of Meru to the Hundred Clouds is seen as a metaphor for dharmic advancement.

Only a selected few Kuei-jin are believed to have traversed Tibet and found Meru’s ruins, among them Xue. The White Tiger Court worked to find a way to enter Tibet and find Meru. The Bone Court has adopted this mandate, having recently managed to send the Eight Sacred Steps wu into Tibet that returned with several artifacts believed to date to the Third Age.

Mage: The AscensionEdit

The Chi’n Ta believes that Mount Kailas is the remnant of Meru and that the Searing Wind attempted to take it with the aid of a corrupted Wu Lung, which sparked the Dragon River War. The Akashic Brotherhood uses the name Meru (along with Shamballah, Golconda and Avalon) to describe the centre of the Wheel of Ages, from which the Meru’ai, the first mages, came forth. When the Wheel of Ages turned and the creatures of earth became wicked, Heaven destroyed Meru, leaving only its physical shell.

Werewolf: The ApocalypseEdit

The Fera tell an entirely different story: According to them, Meru is the remnant of Toba, a supervulcano that erupted in Prehistory and unleashed the Banestorm. Toba lies in what is now a lake in Sumatra, meaning that the Wan Xian would originate south, not from the west of the Middle Kingdom. The Mountain Realm featured prominently in the Umbra and gave the Wan Xian their powers. Later, when the now corrupted Wan Xian slaughtered their children in the Realm, it was permanently tainted, reducing the former immortals to demons.