Meros, the Incarna of Pluto.


Overview Edit

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As TotemEdit


It is much more difficult for a pack to actually reach Meros to ask his patronage than it is to convince him of their worth. The wandering Incarna is usually willing to serve as patron to a pack, assuming that they understand all that entails.

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 7


Children of Meros find it easier to navigate the Dark Umbra; each one gains -1 difficulty to any die rolls dealing with the land of the dead or its inhabitants. They cannot lose their way, and can find their way to any destination given time (although the route is not necessarily the shortest or safest). The pack gains three dice to Enigmas and Occult rolls, and each pack member gain two points of temporary Wisdom.


Meros expects his children to travel in order to broaden their minds. Packs of Meros must spend four months out of every year "on the road."


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