Memory is the additional morality score for the Arisen.


When the Arisen return into this world, they are mere automatons, mindless undead reanimated only by the Sekhem that surges through their body. This is wanted- the Shan’iatu constructed the Rite of Return to strip their servants from all parts of their soul they would not need in order to condemn them to immortality. An Arisen at the first moments of Descent is an unthinking creature of Duat; his soul has not fully roused from death and does not remember his actions. After his spirit fully returns, the Arisen regains the power to reason and the moral faculties he preserved through prior Descents, slowly reclaiming his identity and his former lives.

To claim an identity beyond the Judges’ mandate, the Arisen must recognize that other people are more than a means to their ends. Old tools, vessels, writings, and also echo through the hidden recesses of memory, drawing them to the surface. Compassionate, just acts and evidence of an Arisen’s past incarnations unlock her Memory in events called Sebayt, named for ancient texts on just living. High Memory does not only allows one to remember events more properly, but also makes the replenishing of one’s Pillars more easy.


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