Melusine d'Anjou was the Toreador Queen of Winchester during the Dark Ages.


Angevin legend tells of Melusine, a beautiful woman who married the Duke of Anjou and bore his children but who could not abide to enter the church at Lusignan, and fled screaming when forced to do so. The Cainite who goes by that name claims she is the progenitor of the myth, at that time a ghoul of Clan Toreador later Embraced into the clan. It has proven impossible to verify this claim and any who challenge it have become victims of Melusine's cold temper, excluded from her favor until they admit their error.

Entering the political limelight in the late 10th century CE, Melusine established herself as the preeminent power in Anjou and expanded her influence into Aquitaine and surrounding counties with the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine to Henry of Anjou. For many years, she resisted the influence of both Baronies of Avalon and the Courts of Love and only accepted Mithras' rule in 1175. The implosion of the Angevin Empire during John's reign also sundered the Cainite holdings and Melusine found her lands overwhelmed by those loyal to the Court of Love, prompting her retreat first to Poitiers and then to England. She has come to despise Mithras for what she sees as his abandonment of Avalon's French holdings, establishing Winchester as her base of operations and becoming the focus of opposition to the prince.

Melusine has rebuilt her fortunes in England and turned her resources against Mithras, whom she would like to see deposed. She is the focus of resistance to Mithras' rule, but her public antipathy toward the London authorities means she is more effective as a figurehead of opposition than an active plotter against the prince, though she has worked with John of York and Nathaniel of Carlisle, as well as Meerlinda in Durham.

VTES TimelineEdit

According to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, at some point Melusine joined the Sabbat and managed to become the Archbishop of London.[1]

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Pretty and aware of her looks, the diminutive Melusine cultivates a coquettish image and flirts outrageously while never overstepping (publicly, at least) the bounds of courtly love. She always dresses in exquisite fashions, usually made from the finest cloth.

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For the actual Angevin legend, see Melusine.

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  1. This is quite different than the metaplot of Vampire: The Masquerade, in which the Camarilla still has significant control over London.
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